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young man with downtown area in background can use his first credit card to make smart purchases SheeksFreaks Financial Skills for Young Adults

Post #18: The “How To” Guide Tyler Used to Get His First Credit Card

Tyler is a teenager who wants to start building his credit history. He knows that doing this now will help him immensely in the future. He found the perfect credit card that will help him achieve his goals by going through the options discussed below. This post will walk you through the options Tyler used to help him find the credit card that fits him best.

young woman law student works on laptop reviewing credit card options SheeksFreaks Financial Skills for Young Adults

Post #17: The 5 Eye-Opening Reasons Maddie Needs a Credit Card NOW

his post and the next two will be talking about credit cards. This first one is about why you and Maddie should get a credit card NOW (even if you are under 18). There are five main reasons why you and Maddie need a credit card now, and we will look at each one to see why those reasons are so important, even when you are young.

Craig gets his picture taken on top of the mountain SheeksFreaks Financial Skills for Young Adults

Post #8: If Craig Can Do It, You Can Do It

Let me introduce you to my friend Craig Curelop. I met him at a real estate meet up. His story is quite impressive but, at the same time, absolutely repeatable by you. His story was so notable that I invited him to speak to my students, and he’s been willing to do so on many occasions.

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Post #7: How to Retire 10 Years Before Your Parents

First off, it’s not a race. Please don’t go to your parents and say, “I bet I can retire before you!” But if this idea sounds attractive or appealing to you, then make it your own secret goal.