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build an investor mindset

Post #33: Three Proven Ways to Build an Investor Mindset

By Damon Cameron Jr Do you have negative thoughts, habits, or beliefs? Every human being has been socially conditioned and programmed with thoughts, habits, and beliefs that their subconscious mind has downloaded from other people. 80% of the average person’s daily thoughts are negative, disempowering, and self-sabotaging. If you want to achieve financial independence, you… Read more »

clarity before investing in real estate

Post #32: How to Build Clarity Before Investing in Real Estate

By Damon Cameron Jr Real estate investing is a powerful tool many people use to create financial freedom and build generational wealth. If you are considering investing in real estate, do you know what type of real estate business you want? Many young people struggle to find clarity before investing in real estate. Building a… Read more »

live for free

Post #31: How To Live for Free (House Hack!)

By Damon Cameron Jr             Do you want to live for free? House hacking is one of the most popular real estate investing strategies among recent high school graduates and college students. House hacking is when you live in one unit of your investment property as your primary residence and rent out the other bedrooms… Read more »

4 Percent Rule

Post #29 – Index Fund Investing & the 4 Percent Rule

This blog article will help you determine what to do with the money you have saved to invest by further explaining index funds and the 4 Percent Rule. It will help you get started utilizing Mechanism 4 – Invest your savings wisely! In chapter 23 in First to a Million, I went over the index… Read more »

young entrepreneur

Featured Freak: How Young Entrepreneur Chase is Building His Network

By Chase Guelette Make buckets of money. That has always been the goal for my friends and me. As a young entrepreneur, I’ve devised a hundred and one schemes to make money, from starting a tutoring business to large-scale lawn mowing to collecting hundreds of cans from across my hometown to turn in for 10… Read more »

young real estate investor

Featured Freak: Young Real Estate Investor Ethan

79 cents. That’s all I had left after a year in a very unhealthy relationship. That’s when I knew things had to change. I was truly “broke” for the first time in my life. You hear about it all the time in high school. You hear the “I can’t afford this because I’m broke” and… Read more »

five young adults enjoy a walk downtown happy they are saving their money SheeksFreaks Financial Skills for Young Adults

Post #27: Why You Should Pursue Financial Independence

As I’m sure you already know, a person reaches financial independence (or FI, for short) when they no longer need to work for money. It takes dedication and sacrifice to become financially independent. So why would someone want to get to FI in the first place?

young adult Aaron discovers SheeksFreaks Financial Skills for Young Adults

Featured Freak: Aaron Finds FI

There was nothing wrong with my life. I wasn’t miserable in some horrible job, and I wasn’t racking up debt. But I also wasn’t particularly fulfilled. I had never wanted to work a corporate job for my entire career. I just thought that was what I should do for now.