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Post #20: Reflection on 6 Months, 20 Blog Posts & 10,000 IG Followers

It has been six months since I started this project, and it’s incredible to see how much this community has grown in that amount of time. We have recently hit a few milestones which is very exciting. But, before we look at the milestones and glance into the future, I want to reiterate the main mission of SheeksFreaks.

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Post #19: The 5 Strategies Brooke Uses to Manage Her First Credit Card Like a Boss

Brooke got her first credit card a year ago. She has been handling her new credit card sensibly and is reaping the rewards of doing so. Brooke knows that using her credit card responsibly is incredibly important. So let’s take a look at the five strategies Brooke uses to manage her first credit card like a boss.

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Post #18: The “How To” Guide Tyler Used to Get His First Credit Card

Tyler is a teenager who wants to start building his credit history. He knows that doing this now will help him immensely in the future. He found the perfect credit card that will help him achieve his goals by going through the options discussed below. This post will walk you through the options Tyler used to help him find the credit card that fits him best.

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Post #17: The 5 Eye-Opening Reasons Maddie Needs a Credit Card NOW

his post and the next two will be talking about credit cards. This first one is about why you and Maddie should get a credit card NOW (even if you are under 18). There are five main reasons why you and Maddie need a credit card now, and we will look at each one to see why those reasons are so important, even when you are young.