Earn money in college

Chris gives a serious look with hands on this chin thinking about personal finance SheeksFreaks Financial Skills for Young Adults

Post #5: The Reason You Need to Learn About Personal Finance NOW

The skill of managing our money is a frequent victim of this philosophy. When most are young they don’t like to “waste” time learning about money; there are too many fun things to do. But you need to start educating yourself on personal finance topics NOW. Not in 5 years. Not in 10 years. NOW.

four teens discuss financial strategies at school SheeksFreaks Financial Skills for Young Adults

Post #2: What Is Financial Independence (FI)?

Financial Independence = the point at which one’s passive income plus sustainable asset withdrawal is greater than their living expenses indicating that the individual no longer has to work for money.

Post #1: What the F*** is a SheeksFreak?

Freak (n): a person who has withdrawn from normal behavior and activities to pursue one interest or obsession One who is markedly exceptional or extraordinary SheeksFreak (n): A young person obsessed with making intelligent financial decisions to allow themselves to reach early financial independence and live their best life SheeksFreaks learn and think about the… Read more »