Tools, Tips & Strategies to Help Young People Achieve Early Financial Freedom

Freak (n): a person who has withdrawn from normal, rational behavior and activities to pursue one interest or obsession. One who is markedly unusual or abnormal

SheeksFreak (n): A young person obsessed with making intelligent financial decisions to allow themselves to reach early financial independence and live their best life

If you think about your money and you are young, you are NOT normal. You are indeed a FREAK. But in a very good way! Embrace it and know that your freakishness will pay off big time in the future. Today your friends and family will ask WHY you’re doing it. But soon, they will ask HOW you did it.

  • SheeksFreaks has developed a rich network of young entrepreneurs, coming from all walks of life, with one united mission – to achieve financial independence through frugality, business, and real estate. There is no better group of individuals who are on fire for FI, sharing and growing in their education and developing strong leadership skills every step of the way.

    Ben C.

  • For a long time, I really thought I was the only 20-year-old thinking about their financial future. Being a part of the SheeksFreaks community is and will be an influential part of my learning journey in real estate and investing.

    Katalina M.

  • The SheeksFreaks community has really helped me in my pursuit to understand the principles of financial independence. I love knowing that there are people out there like me who are learning how to manage money and creating a plan to become financially free. And they are doing it so they can do what they want and create a positive impact on the world.

    Ben Z.

  • I’ve found that it’s difficult to find wholesome financial advice for teens, and SheeksFreaks has given me what I’ve been looking for!

    JD R.

  • SheeksFreaks has taught me not only the strategies and foundations to start my journey to financial independence, but primarily the extremely adaptive mindset that it takes to get there. I have developed my character 10-fold educating myself with the SheeksFreaks content, and I am glad to say I am a part of this community.

    Leo C.

  • SheeksFreaks is such an awesome community. Whether you’re looking to become super successful or just achieve financial independence, this is DEFINITELY the place to start. I can’t even put into words how much this has helped me. Thanks, SheeksFreaks, for everything you’ve done!!!

    Ethan G.